Little Known Facts That Connect Jews and Coffee


Coffee originated in Africa over a thousand years ago. Over the centuries, the Jews had played a vital role in shaping the coffee and way people drink the beverage. This article examines the roles that Jerusalem Jews had played in shaping this beverage. Here are some little-known facts that connect Jews and coffee.

Coffee beans
In the past, French and Venetian traders, who are majorly Jewish, supplied coffee beans to Europe and the Middle East. The Ottomans made a lot of money from the sale of coffee; they shipped the beverage from Yemen to Suez and then moved by camel to Alexander. The Ottomans never allowed visitors to take the coffee seed or trees out of Yemen; they only allow the seeds that have been partially cooked out of Yemen. In the 1600s, the coffee was smuggled out of Yemen and grown in India. Also, a fearless Dutch explorer smuggled a whole coffee tree out of Yemen. This led to the cultivation of coffee in a number of Dutch colonies. The Dutch colonies where coffee was grown are Bali, Sumatra, Timor, Ceylon, and Java. The Jewish merchant started the selling of coffee drink directly to the public in coffee houses. This invention was as a result of their Experience in the coffee trade.

Jewish coffee houses
The Jewish merchant was responsible for bringing the beverage into new cities. The first coffee house in Europe was established in Livorno in 1632 by a Jewish merchant. Also, the first coffee house in England known as Angel’s inn was established in Oxford. In 1650, the angel’s inn was established by a Lebanon who was also known by the name ‘Jacob the Jews’. The Queen’s lane coffee house was established four years after, it is the second coffeehouse in Oxford opened by a Jew named 50 Cirques Jobson’ An important fact to know here is that the queen’s lane coffee house is the oldest operating coffee house in the whole world. Due to the proliferation of the Jews coffee trade, they were faced with some anti-Semitic laws to curtail their limit in the coffee world.

Ethiopian origins
The origin of coffee was traced back to Ethiopia. The coffee leaves were chewed and the beans roasted and brewed. The Ethiopian affirmed that coffee has a stimulant power. The stimulating ability of coffee was discovered in wild goats, the wide goats were seen to prancing around after taking coffee leaves.

Café culture
The café coffee houses became very common in the 1800s in central European cities. These cities were Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, and Warsaw. The Café Culture was identified with highly intelligent Jews. On this note, many of the coffee cafe house patrons in central Europe were Jews.

The All American Drink
Coffee was an acceptable drink by the Americans; it flourished as a favorite American drink served as meeting places, important occasions, and the likes. The proliferation and acceptance of this beverage were occasioned by the Jewish coffee merchants who assisted in boosting the demand for coffee in the United States. Today, some of the American’s most prestigious coffee and café brands were established by the Jews.